10.4. anastasis-httpd(1)

10.4.1. Name

anastasis-httpd - run Anastasis backend (with RESTful API)

10.4.2. Synopsis


10.4.3. Description

Banastasis-httpd is a command line tool to run the Anastasis (HTTP backend). The required configuration and database must exist before running this command.

Its options are as follows:

-C | –connection-close
Force each HTTP connection to be closed after each request.
Use the configuration and other resources for the merchant to operate from FILENAME.
-h | ––help
Print short help on options.
-v | ––version
Print version information.

10.4.4. Signals

anastasis-httpd responds to the following signals:

Sending a SIGTERM to the process will cause it to shutdown cleanly.

10.4.5. See also

anastasis-dbinit(1), anastasis-config(1), anastasis-gtk(1), anastasis-reducer(1)

10.4.6. Bugs

Report bugs by using https://bugs.anastasis.lu or by sending electronic mail to <contact@anastasis.lu>.